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Contingent Search


For clients interested in working on a contingency basis, we devote considerable time to engage with the management teams and practice leaders. This enables us to gather essential insights that empower us to effectively meet each client's specific need. Our objective is to leverage our network to consistently present highly qualified candidates to our clients while remaining adaptable to their evolving needs and shifting priorities.


Retained Search

For clients with a strategic need and a specific timeline, we provide retained search services. With this approach, we create a target list and a comprehensive report that delves into the firm, the role, and key distinguishing factors. We pursue the identified candidates until we establish contact with them.


Throughout the search process, we coordinate with our clients, ensuring effective communication and providing detailed status updates. Our clients can rely on us to keep them informed at every stage of the search, fostering transparency and collaboration.

To learn more about Foxstone Recruiting, visit our About Us section.  

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